Website Revamp

Transparent, Sustainable, and Result-driven


Big Push Marketing wanted to reshape into something that more closely resembles the brand: Transparent, sustainable, and result-driven.

The website needed to be visually pleasing and remarkable — it had to look unique and modern.

The Marketing Gorilla on Clickfunnel

In the project’s design phase, we had worked on the structure and layout of the site, which had to be consistent. The biggest challenge was to create a cohesive modern look and to add nature elements using brand colors.

Once we settled downed on the layout, we wanted Big Push Marketing site to have its brand mascot along with the nature elements, representing the digital era of marketing and that they only want to work with sustainable brands.

We worked on the visuals, and we also improved the overall user experience of the site. And with some upgrades here and there, the site was launched.