Digital Transformation

80% productivity gains in packaging company.


Off-the-shelf software limitations causing inefficiencies & communication issues.

Received orders on paper and manually entered orders into their system.

Could not modify their off-the-shelf software to meet their needs and requirements.


Developed a single CRM solution which handled the entire ordering process.

We were able to develop a custom CRM software solution which covered the MVP functionality of their existing pricing & quoting system (MS Access) and order tracking/delivery mapping system (TRUX).

This new system had an administrative area which allowed managing pricing terms as they related to the client’s location, type of service, activity, weight allowance, rental period, type of dumpster, taxes, and extra charge items.

The development team developed a real-time API/Webhook connection with routing/dispatch software to give the CRM solution the ability to communicate back and forth about work orders. These additional features and functionalities set up a basic structure for the possibility of future SaaS endeavors to resale their product.


Increased efficiency & communication.

The unique features and functionality of the custom CRM system streamlines the quoting and ordering intake process, which eliminates the need to manually enter orders taken on paper.

This additional functionality gives the ability to manage services and work orders throughout the entire lifecycle of the order, therefore increasing efficiency and communication throughout their organization.